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week 9 R1 looming

I haven't been for a run (apart from the 2ml Santa Run on Sunday ) for over a week , School has been completely manic with after school nativity, children's party etc. I really want to complete week 9 before xmas, The grandchildren are coming to stay for the weekend, so that will be a really hectic (but fun) time. Hopefully I'll get out there for run 1 on Monday eve. Just a bit concerned that the gap between week 8 and week 9 will be a bit of a big one ?? I've come so far and now feel really apprehensive again !!

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Hi kaz, nothing ventured nothing gained.

Just go for it! :-)


I'll have the same problem kazzers. I did W8R3 on wednesday night and we're off visiting family tonight until next saturday. I hope to do a run late next week but thats a week long gap between week 8 and 9. I think I'll just go for it. Why not give it a try? If we don''t make it then at least we'll have tried. Good luck whatever you decide but you might just surprise yourself.


Hey kazzers, we are in the same boat. I've not been out since doing W8R3 last Thursday. Some idiot has written my car off (whilst it was parked on my front) and now I've got a terrible cold, bad chest and sore throat etc. Can't believe I hadn't missed a session since I started. I know exactly how you feel now; I too am apprehensive and my confidence has taken a knock. When I feel well enough to get back out there I will and we'll just have to see how far we can go. As Ed says - we've just got to go for it (you too Isabella). Good luck guys.


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