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Thank you, Sara - and hello again everyone, I've missed you

I admit it, I've been sulking again. So I've lost motivation, and energy, and contact with this group. But this is not a miserable, griping post - this is a post to thank Sara, who posted that she'd had to step away for a while and missed the group. This made me realise that I had done the same.

Brief summary - I somehow damaged my hip, so I wasn't running for a while. Then I went away for a fantastic long weekend... then I took on a Christmas temp job which means that I can't choose the time for a run as easily... then I wanted to start again but icy pavements mean that's off the plan as well, until the promised heavy rain and storms arrive :D

Anyway, I had stopped congratulating new graduates, reading posts - even opening the daily email. Not good - but now, thanks to Sara, I am making an end-of-year resolution to post, even if I still haven't been able to run.

Hopefully I will be able to pick it up again soon. The roads around me aren't lit, so it's hard to run at night, and treadmills make me feel sick and dizzy - but I will get back out there! Hopefully my fitness won't have suffered too much, hopefully I could aim for a gentle 20-minute run, hopefully the weather will improve...

I'm looking forward to reconnecting on here - please look out for me as I comment on your inspiring and funny posts, or commiserate with you if you've had a bad day. We are all doing great things on this programme, from those of us who are summoning up the courage to go out there for the first time, to those of us who are experiencing difficulties through injury or motivation, to those of us who are training for half-marathons (wow!). Go us! - and here's hoping for good runs for you all, wherever you are :)

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Glad you have been inspired Annie; that is exactly what this forum is all about isnt it so keeping away can really result in a loss of motivation because its just not there in the forefront of our minds like before. That is why I encouraged Sara also just to keep checking in here every day, even if not posting, just to draw strength and encouragement from others even if not being able to run yourself.

I, like you, usually respond, encourage, try and motivate others even if not blogging myself and havent done so for a while just due to being so busy but have never stopped coming here a couple of times a day.

I really hope you can get your mojo back real quick and get out there for some runs - you cant beat that feeling afterwards can you?!

sue x


Thanks, Sue - this is exactly why it's good to post and check on here, because of all the support from people like you! Thanks for the good wishes. Even if I can't get out again for a few days, I'll keep checking in and reading on here. It's a great place :)


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