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Just back from W8R2

Planned a longer route this time, as recently I have found that I am running out of my route by the time I get home. The route I planned was 4.5K, but covered 3.7km running, and the remainder in the five minute cool down. I really felt like I picked up the pace today but still short in terms on distance. I did stop a few times to cross busy junctions, and there was a very icy stretch of road which I walked, but stopped the podcast so wasn't cheating ;-)

A bit hard on myself sometimes and very critical but actually I cannot believe that I have come this far from finding the 1st week very hard, and thinking I would never be able to run for this length of time.

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Hi newbie it does creep up on you. A lot of short runs interspersed with walking and in no time we are all runners. Fantastico!


If you have completed wk8r2 you are doing brilliantly, the distance and speed you run are not as important as the time you run. You are running for 28 mins, think how hard wk1 was, that is such an immense achievement. Don't be so hard on yourself, keep up the good work. Good luck on your next run, you are doing really well :-)


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