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W8 R3 done!

Flippin' eck it's chilly out there!

On Sunday, when I did my 'whatthe-37min5.4k-howdthathappen?' run, it was about 8deg. Today it's -1. So, nothing extraordinary, just a steady 28min run but at a very slightly faster average pace.

Usually, I get so hot that it's gloves off after 10mins, jacket partly open by 20, sleeves up and jacket fully open by 25. Today, I barely broke into a sweat! Gloves still on and jacket still fully zipped until I got home. I did wonder if I would actually be able to finish as I've had a bone in me foot for the last couple of days and it started to act up after a few strides but luckily I managed to run it off - the pain that is....not the foot....

So, here I go into Week 9. confident that I can run for 30 mins and having broken the 5k barrier. Considering I had three runs in Wk 6 & 7 when I stopped, even though I managed to get going again and then ran the full non-stop time, I'm so chuffed.

Shiny green will be mine by Christmas!!!

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I know what you mean, it is a little nippy :-(


Great stuff, dottiemay! You're making great progress! :)


As I go running alongside a river, this evening you can see the fog rising off the river and it's bloody nippy out there. Week 6 run 1 completed.


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