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technology in quick time

off i set tonight at my W1R4, thought it was going really well, feeling quite chuffed with myself until i realised that my phone was playing the podcast in fast motion so the 60 second runs were actually about 45 secs and the 90 second walks were about a minute. i stopped and restarted it but didnt seem to be able to slow it down. i kept going, it was nice to be able to complete all the run sections for the first time even if they were shorter, i even rewound and did an extra one so completed 9 shorter run sections.

Hey ho will try and finally get it righ on wednesday, i am going to crack it eventually.

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My phone did that all the time with the podcasts. I gave up on them in the end and downloaded the Get Running app instead.


I had the same problem as I returned to w5 after a pulled muscle, but I was a bit slow to work out what was going on. I'd been off for a while, so I could understand Laura being a bit abrupt with me - she seemed so much friendlier before! And the music seemed a lot less enjoyable... But I was impressed with how well I was doing, until I checked that I'd done 5 mins in less than 3. Doh!


I had the opposite, my ipod plays everything slowly, and I dont seem to be able to alter it. It adds 7 mins to the shorter runs and up to 10 mins on the longer runs. It meant on my final runs I was actually going for 40 mins, unfortunately it means my running speed to do 5k is even slower than it should be.


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