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W8R2 disaster!

Well yesterdays run was a total disaster, my first failure! I set out full of good intentions to do 28 mins yesterday afternoon whilst hubby watched the footy on telly. It had been raining on and off all weekend so I was hoping the cycle track would be free of snow and headed that way but it was still covered so I had to retrace my steps and head off around the streets. That was a bit of a downer for me because I only run round the streets under cover of darkness. I think that zapped my confidence a bit and then when I'd been running for a couple of minutes I turned a corner and ran into a biting icy wind which made it so hard to breathe. I tried to keep going but gave up after 5 mins and started walking. I was thinking of all the support on here and others going through the same programme and just felt so miserable that I couldn't keep going, I ran another couple of minutes then headed home feeling very despondent.

My plan for later today is to go on the treadmill if the weather is as bad as it was. It'll be boring but I so want to do it. We go away on friday evening for a week of visiting various family members up and down the country and I can't see myself doing any running then. My graduation is going to be delayed but it is definitely going to happen.....maybe Hogmanay?

I feel more positive now and thats just from reading a few blogs on here. So thanks guys :-)

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Well done you for actually getting out there, it would have been quite easy to use the icy conditions as a very good excuse to stay in the warm! Just put it down to experience!


Thanks for that Deryn. The sun is shining at the moment, long may it continue and lets hope the forecasters are wrong about this week brrrr.


It's really hard to run when the wind is against you and that icy chill is going down into your lungs! Don't be too hard on yourself, everyone has had a bad run - just chalk it down to experience and try again outside or on the treadmill - only 5 more runs to graduation!


That icy wind did for me on Sunday too! I managed a mile but after that I was fighting to breath and had to take a number of walking breaks to get round. When I added up how far I'd run in all the little intervals though I was pleasantly surprised. And as we keep saying - you are lapping every one on the couch! Well done you for getting out there at all.


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