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It is with sad regret

I started running back in April at the age of 46. Having never ran in my life before it was a great personal achievement when I graduated in July & even managed to participate in a 5k run.

I've kept up with it although only managing a 4k run 2/3 a week. These last 2 months though I have constant pain in my knees & legs & rely on painkillers on a daily basis. I've finally given in & listened to my hubby & daughter -they've advised me to pack it in. I honestly think I'm one of those people who just aren't meant to run. I can't go on with this pain any more. I have friends same age, 8-10 years older running 20 miles plus a week who don't get any pain. My sister had to give it up a few years ago so I guess it runs in our family (excuse the pun!)

So, I'll continue working out at the gym-cycling, rowing, I suppose the cross trainer will be ok.

Goodbye to all those who have taken the trouble to make comments on my blogs & questions & good luck to all those starting out.

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