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50th birthday party last night - not such a good run this morning!

Hi everyone -

So I finally made it to the big birthday (mine) - this is what all this year feels like it's been leading up to - weight has been lost and fitness has definitely improved. Now I'm already very aware that I have to work to stay in this shape. Since the big day (Thursday) I feel like I've tasted the forbidden fruit (ie chocolate) and rather liked it - eeeek! That'll have to stop again (when I've depleted the stocks here that it is- never was easy to have a birthday just before Christmas).

However, we're here to talk about running and this morning, despite last night's gin, wine, food etc, I thought I'd better put my new Forerunner (thanks OH!!!) through its paces with my weekly Stamina run. I discovered a few things: speed is not only about bpm, although I was pretty pleased with 7mins per K I seemed to be getting. Next, Laura's first 5 minutes on Stamina is only 4 1/2 minutes (so last week when I thought I'd nearly got to 5k in 35 mins I'd done half a minute less...)...and finally a hot Thai curry last night with 2 G&Ts and wine etc is not good preparation for a 5k the next day. 4k (in 28mins) was enough for me and I came home to recuperate (actually plugging the Garmin into the computer and having a play).

My PB is 4.95K in what I now know is 34 1/2 mins so 5K in 35 should be do-able next time the weather, lack of niggling aches and pains, stars etc align.

So not a failed run, just a not-very-good run but I'm still encouraged that the 5k holy grail will be reached soon-ish.

Hope everyone else has has a good week - look forward to reading about them!

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But a year ago would you have thought you would go out for a run after a birthday party at all ;-)

Happy birthday!


True - even 4 months ago I hadn't really thought of running as something I could ever try or want to do!



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