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W8R3 – Complete with Laura and the Nike+ lady, I can’t believe my next run will be the start of the last week of the program

Well I finished W8R3 with Laura and a nice lady from Nike+. I have the Nike+ app on my iPod Nano so decided to start that at the same time as I started the run after the 5 minute warm up using Laura as my music. Talk about nag…nag …nag I had the Nike lady telling me when every 5 minutes had passed then Laura chipping in with her four pennyworths as well. The Nike+ was set to 30 minutes and she counted down the last 5 minutes as 5, 4, 2 then finish I think I was training my mind to blot her out. So you can see I cheated on Laura and run for 30 minutes.

The Nano was not calibrated as that was the first time I used it so she flatteringly said I had run 5.2 K which I know I hadn’t, plus how many calories I had burnt etc. I had an option to calibrate the Nano Nike+ but I thought I could do this once I got home and traced out the route on gmap (the distance was more like 4.38K) but it does not give you the option to do it later. So not sure how you calibrate these things unless I take something else to measure the distance which seems pointless using the Nike+ app. As it’s an iPod Nano it does not work with the little transponder that you can fit in the trainers. But at least I know if I want to do the 30 minute runs I can choose my own music and have the Nike+ lady count me home. Next Tuesday I start week 9!!!!!!!!!!

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Well done to you. Who is this Nike+ lady and where can you find her???


On my iPod Nano there is a Nike+ fitness app which you can use for walking, running or recording activity at the Gym on the iPod touch etc you can use a transpondor device in your Nike running shoes I believe. I assume you could download it from the apple store or even the Nike site if you don't have it.

For the running app you can chosse custom, distance, time etc I choose time picked the 30 minute run you then slect what ever music you have on the iPod to listen to and off you go. the Nike+ lady counts you through the run. You can chnage the setting to have a Nike+ man which may appeal to the lady runners.


Hi Exwightman, congratulations on completing week 8, I just did W9R1 this morning so we're at about the same stage.

I've also got an iPod nano, and can't get the Nike+ bit to work, I even resorted to the instructions. Now I've read your blog I'm going to give it another go. Wish me luck.




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