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Week break from injury?


I'm just about to start W7 of the Couch to 5K however I've been getting some really bad pain in my calves over the last week. I'm meant to be starting a run today however I feel that by running, I'm just going to exasperate the injury I have. I finished W6 last Wednesday so I'm thinking of starting W7 this wednesday. Will I be ok to start by then, and will I be able to complete it because of the time I've had off?


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Personally, I would make an appointment with a doctor. If I'd decide to do a run before the appointment, I'd do some extra stretches after my warm up, but if it get's too painful, I'd definitely stop running.


Agree. I can tell you from bitter experience that a couple of days or even weeks off makes little difference to your fitness level, whereas if you run too soon on an injury you can knock yourself off for months.

I would wait a day or two, doing gentle stretches, and if you're still in pain see your doc or a sports physio.


Really listen to how much it hurts - and don't worry about taking a break. I took two weeks off when I pulled a hamstring at the end of week 6 - and then went back two weeks so I could start back gradually. I'm now about to complete week 7 injury free ( touch wood).

I learnt the hard way earlier this year when I started this programme - then ignored a minor injury and ran on it - only to have to take 3 months off!

I've found calf dips after the 5 min warm down walk - and some hamstring and other stretches have really helped. You can probably find a calf dip exercise video online somewhere.

If you really do feel ready to run this week - maybe try an easier run with a few walk breaks in to ease yourself back and be sure you're ok.

good luck - and don't be downcast.


I developed plantar faciitis 3 weeks ago and havnt run since. Im really gutted as Id just completed a 10k race when it started and had done a couple of 10 mile runs on weekends. Probably the fittest I've ever been! I'm leaving running until Im completely healed though as Id rather stop until after christmas then develop an ongoing long term injury. I think the general consensus is that you keep your current fitness for around 10 days so I wouldnt worry about having a couple of weeks off if I were you


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