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Excrutiating pain again

I did my normal 5k a few days ago and when I was nearly home, my left calf suddenly, and apparently without doing anything different, started hurting. I couldn't run but then I devised a peculiar step to let me run the few hundred yards home. It hurt for a few days, getting better. Today I couldn't feel anything so went for a run. I got a few yards from home and the pain set in. I massaged it, it still hurt and I turned to go home. Then I decided to carry on. It hurt all the way round my run,worse sometimes and not so bad at others. I had to c ut is short and I did 3.7K with a little walking thrown in. It was really painful at times so I don't think I should run until I've sorted it out. I think it may be a pulled muscle. It's in a particular spot in the back of my calf. So frustrating as it's my first proper running injury. Just hope it doesn't take too long to repair!

Oh well, at least I wasn't too far off 5K!

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Difficult not to get injuriies of some sort with running.

I currently have sciatica, I was off 4 week with my ankle in sept /oct, have had piriformis pain before then.

You just have to listen to your body and rest when you need to.


Yes, I thought I was listening but wasn't! I tried to run through the pain but I'm sure that made it worse. I've learnt my lesson now!


Sounds just like what I did a month or so ago. I left it a week and then went running again but unfortunately for me it went again at about 1.5 miles. I then didn't run for another two weeks. After that it has been fine, I do make sure I give my calves a really good stretch before I run now. I hope it gets better soon,


morningglory, that sounds just like my trouble, except that I didn't get very far before it went the 2nd time. So I'll have to give it 2 weeks break. The sad thing is that, apart from the pain of my last run, I really would have enjoyed it! I'm definitely going to do some of the stretches before runs in future.


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