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Stepping stones /treadmill

Evening bloggers a quick question having graduated two weeks ago (and still grinning) i downloaded stepping stones last night - i have still been running three nights a week all be it at the gym and have been concerntrating on speed - now doing 5K in 34 minutes (sloppy grin again) but thought i should give the next bit a go - so is it possible to do this stepping stones thing on a treadmill ?- i can't run outside because of numerous back operations so it's not an option any advise would be most welcome thanks:)

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Hi redfacewoman love your username :) You are doing really well so shortly after graduating.My best 5km is in 34 minutes since graduating in May.Yes you certainly can do the Stepping Stones plan on the treadmill you will just need to keep adjusting your speed as you go along.Speaking from my experience you may find this plan does not increase your speed much as the opening 150bpm is quite slow.Have you thought about trying the Speed podcast? It is quite difficult but only 16 minutes of interval work plus your 5 minute warm up and cool down.I do this plan then try to finish with a steady jog until I reach my 5km.This will certainly help reduce your speed in time.


Thanks that sounds like something i will be trying as for the name thats what I look like when i run it was either that or sweatymumma !


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