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woooohooooooooooo, I can run, actually run (not just jog)

I just uploaded my data from the speed training this morning. Now, this probably isn't very exciting or even any sort of achievement for many of you, but for me it is ground breaking :-D

Most of my recent running is in the 'jog' zone, with occasional forays into 'fast jog' for a few seconds, maybe as I'm coming down a slope or zipping over a puddle (I learned to not step into them after the ankle+ puddle experience!). I noticed that today, on the speed training, the faster pace is not only in the fast jogging, but I broke into a run at one point. Now, I know that it was only for 0.1km, but I don't care, I was doing 14km/h for 0.1km :-D

Now I have my goal for the next speed training, I need to increase the amount of time I can keep up that pace with the longer stride. I'm so happy, I'm so happy :-)

sorry, just had to tell someone! ;-)

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Well done. It's lovely when you achieve something amazing, even if it is only for a short while, it is still amazing :)


That's fantastic! The only way is up :)


Before long it will be a case of "Now you see her, now you don't"!! Thats pretty darm fast I'm impressed, and now I'm going back to dream about being able to run that fast - ever!:)


thanks everyone :-) Oldgirl, It was for a nanosecond, I am wondering now if I just tripped and stumbled forward really fast ;-)


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