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cold weather running gear - layers to combat a bum & legs of ice?

Hi, I usually overheat on my runs, but now the temperature is dropping rapidly, I'm starting to feel the cold. Today I did speed podcast, and it was so frosty that I wore a long sleeved running top with a running sweat top over it until I'd warmed up thoroughly. I peeled the extra top off after a few minutes of running and pushed up my sleeves and removed gloves at around 5 or 6 minutes in. My upper body seems fine, but for the last few runs I've done I have found that from the waist down I am a total block of ice. Is this normal? Does anyone run with more than one leg layer? I'm not sure if I can continue in just the tights if it gets much colder, especially as I am now building up to longer runs, as I'm heading towards 10K. Also, I'm not sure that I can really improve my running much if I can't feel my muscles. I need to start striding out more, but I want to know if I pull anything!

Appreciate any tips you can share.

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Vixie, I purchased a pair of base compression tights made for winter wear. They have a very light fleece like lining. I either wear them as is ( when I get brave enough) or with running shorts over the top. My bum has not been cold since. ;-) as far as the top, I tend to overheat quickly, so I go with layers if its really cold. I can then peel off my jacket and gloves as I go. Once that's done, I can push up sleeves. ;-) I'm sure at this point all the non- runners are really wondering about the crazy lady running out in the winter weather without proper clothes on. ;-) I have heard wool running socks are great...hmmm...better add those to my Christmas list! Last night after our run, no cold bum, but I couldn't get my tummy warmed up, it was ice cold!!! Happy shopping!! Gayle


fab, thanks Gayle! More for my Christmas list too :-)


I was reading last week how you should actually feel slightly chilly when you leave for your run otherwise you will most proabably have too much on and just overheat. I tend to do my warm up and cool down for 10 mins indoors and then can start/stop running straight away without having to walk in the cold and get frozen but of course that isnt always practical for everyone.

I get an icy bum and legs too though I dont notice it when running, only when I take off the tights so dont feel it is affecting my run as yet. I am currently just wearing running tights and have a thicker, thermal pair for when it gets really cold and though I have read you can wear wicking tights under wind-proof track pants if really cold, I think that would just be too much for me personally. Gloves are a must but like you, they tend to come off after a while. I get cold hands and feet due to poor circulation but then hate having hot hands and feet and find it really uncomfortable - there is just no pleasing me!!

It is hard to get the balance right though and I think its just a matter of experimenting until we feel comfortable. Maybe we should all run with a "caddy" that could give us or take from us layers of clothes as they are needed.....!!

Sue x


Thanks Sue, I also don't have great circulation in my hands and feet. Love the idea of a caddy! That would be ideal for me. It was ok this morning, as there were all ok types in the park, but I wouldn't abandon stuff on my run, unless I run past the sailing club and sling something on my boat over the fence into the grounds on the way past (will likely do that when I start doing the longer runs). I tend to tie things around my waist, but I don't really like that much either. Yep, definitely a caddy needed here :-)


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