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Week 9 run 2

Did run 2 to my own music as couldnt stand the podcast music anymore and got so engrossed that I ran for 35mins!

I am thinking of treating myself to a Garmin but dont want to spend too much money no more than £60.

Will change my routine next week so that I do a longer runj outside assuming it doesnt snow! as detest snow and the slippy paths that come with it.

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Well done! Only 1 more run to Graduate!!! I live in the USA, so not sure what it would run you but Steve and I have the Garmin Forerunner 110 watches. We are very happy with ours. The 110 model also includes a separate heart monitor. Wishing you a great grad run! Gayle


wow excellent only one more run to go. Good work, hopefully the snow will be gone and won't come back for a while (or at least til I have done my Christmas shopping). Good luck with your graduation run x


Welcome to your graduation run, ebony!! Enjoy your final run of the program! It sounds like it will be a piece of cake after you knocked off 35 minutes today!!

As Gayle mentioned, we are very pleased with our Forerunner 110s!! It is so convenient to see pace, time and distance in a single, quick glance without even having to push a button!!

Again, enjoy your graduation run and Keep Running!! :-)



Oh wow best of luck and have a great run! x


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