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Progress (or lack of)

Dear All,

I started the programme in April of last year with the aim of running regularly for 5k three times a week. I've been running a mixture of outside and treadmill, with most of the longer runs (up to 4.6 miles) outside and short speed runs on the treadmill if my boredom threshold will allow.

For the last few outside runs, I've ended up with a niggling pain deep in the muscle tissue of my buttock (only right side), which is really hampering my progress. I was born with clicky hips and this is the first real exercise I've done in 20 years since school and my lack of progress is making me think my body is not 'strong enough'. Strangely enough, I managed the initial programme just fine, but have really not progressed that much since. 4.6 miles is my limit and whilst my heart and breathing is fine in that time, my legs/hips feel seriously weak. Is there anything that can help increase my strength and any tips on how to deal with the buttock pain. Ive done a bit of a google and think the muscle maybe the piriformis although it's a guess. I can also feel myself slipping fromt he 3 times per week I was doing when the weather was fine, to once twice a week and trying to do a long run once a week, but this can't be helping either as it's not great to do nothing and then hit the road for 4.5 miles or so I'ms sure....I'm waffling, I know I am!

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did they put you in plaster when you were a baby to correct the clicky hips? (sister in law was in plaster for her first 2/3 years & 2 of my children had suspected clicky hips although no medical intervention).

perhaps a trip back to the doctor to make sure that you arent gonna cause any damage or risk them popping back out?

I too get some discomfort in my right buttock but with me I think I "push" off harder on my right leg, especially when running up hills. I now incorporate a stretch at the end of my run which eases this pain. whilst standing if you slide your left foot up your leg as high as you can (like if you were sitting cross legged) & try & then try to press the knee backwards you feel a stretch in the hip area. hope this makes sense :) Oh, & repeat with the other foot holding for at least 10 seconds.

also, do you still get the same pain when you run on the treadmill? I did all of c25k on a treadmill with neutral trainers & it wasnt until I started running outside that I needed to invest in supportive trainers for overpronation due to shin pain. maybe new trainers would help ease the problem.

good luck & seasons greetings. shelley x


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