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Dr Jimmy Clay you're such a lightweight!!

I was half watching 'Doctors' BBC 1 a few days ago and I'm sure the running obsessed Dr told someone, as he puffed and panted into the surgery, that he'd run 2K. What?????? I really hope I didn't mis-hear this. I just love the thought of script writers thinking that 2K is enough to make a fit man huff and puff. I'd be much faster if I 'only' did 2K!

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Ha! Ha! I agree with you! I have it recorded, so will listen for that. Hope you're doing ok-I'm still "out" with the knee. Looked up knee exercises for runners on Google, and watched a great video. I do wonder if some of the contortions I just will not be able to manage, lol!!


Obviously no runners among the script writers! :-)


Pearsey, there are some knee exercises on this site which I'm going to have a look at, have you seen them?

When I've got a few minutes, I might write a script for Doctors. It will involve runners being congratulated on their efforts and being given physio for their injuries!


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