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Tough run....W7R2

Wow today's run was tough. I managed to battle my way through the 25 minutes but I struggled from about 12.5 minutes onwards. The last 2 runs which were exactly the same distance weren't too bad but this one for some reason was a lot harder. My legs felt like lead.When Laura said right its the last minute, try to go a bit faster I laughed! I was lucky I made it though the run never mind going faster!

I had 2 rest days instead of 1 this week becuase of work commitments. Maybe this made a difference? Also I think I was wearing too many clothes. Normally I run at 7am when its cooler and today I ran at 11am as I had the day off. I thought it looked colder than it actually was. I seem to be better running first thing.

Does anyone have any advise on good running socks as well. It seems silly but there are so many different types of running socks. I find the material makes a big difference. Today I wore some new socks I bought from a cheap running shop and they were quite honestly rubbish. My foot didn't feel secure at all. I had my trainers done up as tight as normal but my feet weren't comfortable. Maybe I'll go back to my old ones.

Today hasn't put me off as I still love running but its strange how small variables in things you wear can have a large influence on how you run! Has anyone else found this? Anyway onwards we go.....

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Hi ice well done on keeping going to the end. Easiest thing in the

world is giving up especially if youre alone and no one to kick your

butt. You could try some double skin socks they are quite good.

I have a pair but cant remember what make. They are designed

not to give you blisters and they seem to work. Good luck and

keep going, Ed x


There could be various factors that make a run harder than normal icequeen but sometimes you just get runs like that for no reason which just makes the good runs even better! I dont think having 2 rest days would have made a difference though; plenty of us leave 2 or sometimes more days between runs without it necessarily affecting us but everyone is different of course. Being too hot or cold could affect you as too what you eat/drink beforehand - so many factors to consider - but at least you did it and got through it so well done! Dont over-analyse it; put it behind you and move on.

Double layer socks are the best as Ed says to avoid blisters and it really isnt worth skimping on cost as the correct ones are so essential. I like more mile socks and get them online.

Good luck for your next run!



Isn't it more of an achievement that you've completed a run that so early on you didn't feel comfortable? You stuck with it when you really didn't want to, that is something to be proud of.

I did week 7 run 1 today and found it to be so cold when I left at 9.30 but the sun decided to come out about 10minutes into the run which I really struggled with. I had a hoodie on which I would have had to pull over my head to get off. Maybe it is worth wearing something you can easily unzip and wrap round your waist if the sun makes an appearance.

This British weather is so unpredictable..


Thanks for your comments everyone. I'll have a look for those double layer socks as well, thanks for the advise on that as well.

Lazy_moo is definately an achievement getting this far! I'm amazed I can run for 25 minutes but I have confidence in the programme and Laura! I know that you mean about the weather. One minutes its warm, the next freezing cold! Sounds like you had gear gremlins too! Anyway, let me know how you get on going forwards as its good to hear you're at the same stage as me.


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