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intro and carrying on

Greetings all! I haven't posted much here, I've really only replied to a couple of questions, but I read the blogs and questions nearly every day. I'm thrilled to say that I have finished the C25K programme and have requested my shiny green badge!

I just turned 48 about a week after I started and am in relatively good shape, but have never wanted to be a runner. But I felt up to the challenge, and a friend of a friend suggested the nhs podcasts.

My sweetie and I did this together over 12 weeks (repeated weeks 5, 6 and 7 due to traveland not wanting start an unknown during and wanting to build up better stamina). I actually rather liked most of the music (except that terrible "I'm the king, baby" rap), in a non-commital way. Except for 3 runs, I've done the whole workout on the treadmill, which while a bit boring, at least gives me the chance to look out into my back yard and watch the birds and such. And we couldn't have done this without Laura--so thanks for the time checks, suggestions and encouragement!

I'll have my graduation run, with my own tunes, tonight.

Thanks to all of you who have posted blogs and questions and answers--I'll keep reading and running!

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Woo hoo well done party time in your house then. Enjoy your run with your own music, I have to say I hated Laura's music but when I ran with my own music I couldn't even tell you what songs I listened to and the running did seem easier somehow. Congratulations and keep running :-)


That badge will be there before you know it!! Well done and congratulations! If my memory serves me correctly, you are from Kansas? Hubby and I live in Dodge City, Kansas. I hope to see more blogs from you!!! Gayle


Hi there, Gayle! We're up in Lawrence--small world, eh? I can't believe I've started this jogging thing, and am even enjoying it!


Congratulations, Jules!! Isn't it wonderful know that you have completed the program and that you can now run for a full 30 minutes? I know that I still can't believe just how far I have come with this program!!

Wow, is Gayle right? Another Kansas runner?? (By the way, I am the aforementioned hubby.)

Congratulations again and Keep Running!! :-)



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