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W7R3 – another week finished + 2 minutes – different feelings as each run progresses

Final run of W7 finished and I did run for the extra 2 minutes to make it 27 minutes putting me hopefully in good order for W8 which will start for me on Wednesday morning and the 28 minutes needed for that. I also thought about the different feelings you get, or at least I do, as you set out on each run. The first two or three minutes my calf’s ache and the thoughts are this is going to hurt today, then after about 5 minutes when I have settled into a comfortable rhythm I think this is OK I can do this. Then about halfway through the negative vibes return and I think I can’t keep this up I am going fail near the end again, but continuing to use the method of setting small targets to reach thus breaking the whole run into mini runs it comes together again then by the 20 minute and beyond mark I think I could keep running for some time like this hence the adding two extra minutes and I only stop because I feel I should not get too far ahead of myself. I wonder if others have had the same thoughts. Now because of work commitment I have 2 days rest, which I find helps, before I embark on Week 8…bring it on!

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I totally understand what you mean! Each run for me is a real journey (both physical and mental). There are different stages of comfort and discomfort during a run and I have learnt what to expect from myself. I have learnt that the stages of discomfort always pass and sometimes all it takes is a few deep breaths or to slow down a little to regain energy and push on through.

I think running demands both mental as well as physical strength and I have learnt the importance of feeling positive and the difference it makes to the outcome. Like you say if negative vibes creep in, you find an alternative way of thinking that gets you through the run and it usually comes together in the end.

Good luck with week 8! Graduation is getting close and you seem very well placed to smash it! :)


Well done to you. You have described my runs to perfection, I start hurting then begin to enjoy it then think I am going to die before finally completing the run and wondering why I was worried to begin with. I set myself small targets to try and break down the run so that the time isn't so daunting and it does seem to work as does running with a partner or other people if you can. Good Luck with wk8 you will smash it not ong to graduation for you now :-)


Welcome to week 8 exwightman :) I agree with the above in that there are varying head battles going on when i'm out there. I've only once not thought about the usual; "steady as you go, ooh what is that niggle?, calm down, deep and steady breaths in through nose out through mouth, oh don't know if i will make this, just get to the bus stop, yes I'm doing it, I can make it, just get to the next corner etc etc!" this was when i had something important to work through in my head and do you know what; the run flew by, i didn't think once about anything other than the problem i needed to solve.

I can't wait to get fitter and hopefully for things to become easier (I'm not naive to think it will ever be easy - just easier) so that i can let my head just wander!


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