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Week 7 run 2 :-)

Yep !! ........2nd run of week 7 is done at last. I was hoping to go out last night , and then decided that i was tired (lame excuse really) I finally made it to the gym on my way home tonight and off I trotted on the treadmill. I found that my ankles ached quite a lot, but was determined to keep going. I had left 'Laura' in the changing room and was determined not to keep looking at the time. I ran and ran (well, trotted and trotted ) and then after what felt like ages, I looked at the clock and it was 18 mins of running !! I was really happy with that and it gave me the oomph to keep going for the full 25 mins .........One more to go !!

I really am beginning to believe that I will get to run for 30 mins , and then........i'll worry about my speed . Thrilled to bits with today though :-) :-)

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Really well done ! Of course you'll get to 30 minutes - enjoy ! :-)


Hey kazzers, I've been looking out for your post, glad you got it done :) I've had a niggle in my thigh, hope it gets lost for tomorrow.

Week 8 next for us - I can't believe it, it feels like the past weeks have gone by in such a blur! Yeah! Go us! We WILL do it :) Good luck for Friday, you'll smash it!


Of course you're thrilled! You ran for 25 mins when you didn't feel like it. As sfb350 said - you'll get to 30 mins. You're already 5/6ths of the way there!


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