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Back out there an loved it, cold but fab!!!!

Well went out tonight and managed to run wk6 run 2 two lots of 10 mins with a 3 min walk between. Not run fully for about 6 weeks on and off with my tendinitis and chest infection, but I'm back!!! Mojo back and I loved it. My wife mrs ship ran with me and to be fair we both surprised ourselves, change of route, slow steady and managed 2.36 miles, ok it's not my 30 mins like before but it will come back

Thanks to everyone's positive blogs, they gave me the get up of my arse and get out there.

Big Thankyou :-)

You can prob guess I'm a bit happy lol. Really happy my leg was fine and I could still do a bit

I'm waffling now lol

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Oh, that's brilliant - well done to both of you. Just shows you that you haven't lost much in terms of stamina and fitness. Keep waffling and keeeeeep runnin'!


Brilliant James! You are doing the right thing just easing back gently. It's great the mrs could join you too! You have every reason to be over the moon!

This running is just so good.......Sue


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