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So sweaty...but wk5 run 1 done and dusted :-)

Here in the antipodes we are finally getting into summer. So while I sympathize with all the people battling cold and rain, its not always greener on the other side :-)

Went out for my first week five run and was so nervous. I'd managed wk four okish but am mentally struggling with the end point of wk five ie the 20 min run, so the whole week is a worry.

The weather was disgusting, hot, humid and overcast withno wind. So all I did was sweat. And then sweat some more. I had sweat dripping off me and getting into my eyes. Boy was I hoping it would rain or blow a gale,but sadly no, the hot oppressive revolting weather lasted the whole run.

Then I get home and am sitting on the deck and it starts to rain. One of the kids came out and said "oh did you get caught in the rain?" . I lied and said yes because saying no,this is justhow much I sweated was too much :-)

But I did manage the first run of week five, even if I have sweated worse than a pig :-)

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Eeeckk sweaty sweaty!! I have this run to look forward to today...I'm waiting for the sun to ease up (In Malaysia) and it is boiling here today but I defo want to go on my run!! :)


Hi teeandtoast I can commiserate with you totally we are starting to get into our hot weather here and I HATE running in it cause i dont like being HOT....when the forcast is for really hot days I like to get up early and go in the cool of the early morning but sometimes I have to battle a hot north wind which is not pleasant but then I suppose I cant have it all ways...but good on you for doing it in the heat. I have started to wear a cotton headband that soaks up a bit of the sweat its quite thick and I do look like a sight cause I have short hair and all my hair sticks up I really do look like the wreck of the Hespress...but I dont care it helps keep me a bit cool and keeps the hair away from my face which can be annoying so only have to contend with the flies now, keep forgetting to put on some strong fly repellent, will pity the bikelists that have to cycle past me....they will get a smelly wiff on passing hehehe....seriously...dont get too hung up on the final run for week 5 cause you can do it....I was stressing out bigtime but I managed it just remember to pace yourself and you will be fine. Good luck with everything..



Hi teeandtoast, just trust the programme. If you have stuck to the plan so far, then you will do the 20 minute run and, believe me, you will have the most immense sense of achievement when you do. Along with probably 95% of the graduates on here, I was sceptical about completing that one. Don't worry about what's coming, focus on what you are doing and trust that, on the day, you are capable of running for 20 minutes.

If you are still not convinced, consider this: the programme is designed to build on previous work at every step. Every rest day is allowing your body to repair existing and build new muscle fibres. Even if you have run every other day, you've already had at least 12 days (not to mention all the nights) of building muscle. You've probably learned to control your breathing better and to propel yourself forward, rather than bobbing up and down. You have all the ingredients and you've already practised mixing them up many times.

How did you feel about stepping up to 3 minutes of running or 5 minutes? Did you have any doubt that you could do it? Probably. Did you doubt at the beginning that you would really be able to run as far as you have already? Probably. But you did it. You've achieved so much already, don't forget that :-)


Just back from my run (5k+ speed podcast). It's a cold, clear, bright day in Stranraer, sunny and windy but no horizontal rain for a change, and I was thinking of you sweltering away in the antipodes (sounds a bit rude! :)) I think I'd rather be cold than hot any day especially when running. Well done for getting through w5r1, lots of people, me included, found week 5 tricky! Good luck for the rest of the programme. :)


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