Oh the misery :S

So I now haven't been able to run since last Sunday when I did a 10k race.

I think the problem is that I normally run off road and the race I did was a road race.

I think I've developed plantar facitiis as the pain is in the very bottom of my heal.

I've been trying to keep off it but had to do a lot of walking for work today and was limping again by this evening.

I think I'm going to go to the doctors tomorrow and see what they say.

Although I will find it amusing to tell them how I did it as last time I was there I got told I was obese and needed to loose some weight which is the boot up the arse I needed to get into running in the first place!

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  • Oh no! Have to sympathise with you as I've had planter fasciitis too. It happened to me when I was heavily ( and I mean heavily as in 7 stone heavier!) pregnant! Is it sore when you get up in the morning and put your foot on the floor? Mines was in the arch of my foot and I was given exercises to help. However, what worked for me was a special boot that I bought and wore to bed. It keeps your foot in a flexed position all night therefor stretching. After a few nights wearing it the pain had gone! I still use it now and again if I feel the slight niggle of pain.

    Hope it heals up quickly for you.

  • Poor you, hope you recover soon. You won't lose condition very fast if you are running 10Ks, so do take some time to rest properly ;-)

  • Just been to the doctors today and she thinks it plantar faciitis as well.

    Thanks for the advice about the boot lesham ill look into that.

  • I had trouble with the dreaded PF for almost a year, didn't know what it was for ages, so I tried to take any pressure of the tendons when in fact I should have been stretching them. Found a stretch where you stand with the front half of you foot on a curb or step and then slowly lower your heels to the ground (gets even harder when leaning forward). Within a couple of weeks all my PF symptoms had disappeared after getting worse and worse over months - no more yelping when trying to put my foot down in the morning, it's such a good feeling! :-) Funnily enough, it never bothered me when running and I only took up running, because a lot of the advice on PF said to wear cushioned trainers. Then, when I got the trainers, I felt it would be a waste to just wear them for walking and so started C25K! :-)

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