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Graduated! [technically]

I'll be frank. I didn't really follow the whole of the plan. I joined in at week 4 - because I was already running for about ten minutes a time, al lbe it craply and nearly killing myself everytime). I did week 4 and 5, had a week's break, did weeks 6 and 7. If I remember correctly, my last run was on the morning of my job interview - which I ended up getting. More important things came up (my wife becoming seriously unwell), so I hadn't been running for about a month.

Until my wife signed me up for the Run the World challenge.

I hadn't ran a 5k yet, but I am now on day 3 of 7, running at least 5km a day. In total I've done 21k!

Before Friday's run I was really nervous. But I didn't find any of it as much of a struggle as I did when I went on my Cto5K runs. I felt a surge of accomplishment with every landmark I passed - and was still smiling at 25 minutes. (total time - 5.21km - 34 minutes). The runs yesterday and today were much more painful. But somehow I kept going.

The program has been great for me. It made my goal of doing 5k actually achievable. about every two years I tried running - would put on the running gear, do ten minutes. Then I might do the same sort of thing the next day or two. But that would be it for the next two years. With this program, though, I found it totally achievable.

And I KNOW that I can achieve my next goal - a 10km. Laura's given me the tools to keep going :) ... and train myself up for that goal. :)

I KNOW that it is achievable! so where-ever you are, keep going!


If you want to support me, you can - it's for Scottish Association for Mental Health.

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Well done to you, this programme is great isn't it, just pushes you enough but makes each step achievable. Congratulations and good luck running the world :-)


Great, Hector! Good luck with the challenge and keep us posted! :)


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