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Week 9 - The Final Countdown!

Hi everyone - just realised I didn't post after run 3 of week 8 on Saturday which was very bad of me! All was fine - I increased my running speed to 5.5mph but was totally knackered so adjusted it back to 5mph for the last 10 mins of my run. Surprised at how much more challenging just a small increase in speed was.

So this morning I have embarked on run 1 of my final week - woo hoo! Did the same thing again with the speed - but obviously had 2 extra minutes to run anyway as the time increased to the elusive 30 minutes! Again I really felt it - think this will be a hard week!

Distance covered has increased nicely - overall (including the 10 mins of brisk walking, I covered 5.41k. Removing the walking and just calculating the run only I covered 4.38k which I am very pleased with. I really doubt I will increase this to 5k in the next two runs, but it will give me something to aim for as I finish the programme.

Looking forward to earning my green badge! :)

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Welcome to W9, Sue!!!! With one run down and only two left, you will be sporting that new badge before you know it!!

Best wishes for the final two of the program and Keep Running!! :-)



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