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I don't mean to brag but...4.3 miles woohoo :0D

After some slightly random training post graduation I thought I'd have a go at just going out with my own music & see how far I could go before I dropped! So on Sat this was what I did (in the rain) & I even did a good samaritan bit in the middle (not included in mileage) trying to help a lady to catching a very fast escaped dog!

Woohoo bring on the Nottingham Santa dash on sun :0) & the march 10k is feeling more achievable too now I've done just short of 7!

I still can't believe that in August I was struggling to run for 60 seconds!!

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Thats brilliant Popsiecat, you must feel so good!

I too went out Saturday morning in the rain with my music and it was a brilliant run, one of my best and just felt I could keep going and going.... Isnt it just wonderful when a run comes together like that? You feel you can achieve anything so I'm sure the runs you have lined up will be fine. Good luck!



Brag away! That is a wonderful achievement, you have every reason to be proud :-)


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