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1:1 Walk/Run in the wind

Had an interesting run this morning. Messed up with the start so ended up doing about 10 minutes warm up, but then did a 1:1 walk run for about 35 minutes. Somewhat slower than usual which was painful, I just can't run that slowly... I'm not fast by any means but 150bpm is just tooo slow. It was a nice relaxing run though so can't complain. The wind was behind me most of the time. I think if I do that one again I'll be running and jogging rather than walking and running. Daughter was home this weekend, and took her to Heathrow to catch a flight to Prague (lucky thing). Don't think she can quite believe I'm into this running lark, but I'm really enjoying it :) Be trying a different run again on Tuesday, trying to find the best one for me. Parkrun next weekend hopefully, it's been a while since I've been

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