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The Treadmill Saga Continues

Having ordered my treadmill at the end of October have had no end of issues including delivery date rearranged twice by delivery company, then there was an issue with the actual delivery where there delivery company rang to say that the he retailer had't supplied them with the treadmill in time for the delivery. So it was rearranged and finally delivered two weeks ago. Hubbie put it together and it was fantastic did a great 3 mile run on the Saturday, went to do a brisk walk on Sunday and the whole thing went bang. I was amazingly calm about the whole thing and rang them on Monday and asked them to sort it out. It has taken two weeks to get an engineer out to repair, he was supposed to one Friday but got a call to say Engineer had rang in sick so would send out someone on Saturday, confirmed that the circuit board had blown but the one he had been given to repair it with (I had supplied model number, serial number etc.) was the wrong one.

I finally lost my rag and rang the manufacturers on Saturday to say I was sick of being messed around and it not being anyones fault. I said I understood I may have just been unlucky but I am sick of staying in for deliveries, repairs etc. I told them I am not happy for a repair and I want the a brand new treadmill and want it promptly. It apparently is going to be sorted out on Monday, if I don't hear on Monday don't worry they will be hearing from me. !!

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Hope you have a new one now!


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