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Who'd have thought, Me, and inspiration and coach!!

What a lovely morning it was here in Dorset this morning. A friend of mine who's reasonably active and used to do running before having her two children has been talking about joining me on my excursions.

Having starting from scratch i ws a little worried that she'd leave me for dust and i'd realise i still wasn't particularily fit.

I decided before we set off to run at her pace and 'keep up' imagine my surprise when her pace was slower than mine. None the less we picked a lovely route down a cycle track and decided to aim for 2.5K then turn around.

My friend found it hard (as i would have done a couple of weeks ago) but i found it easy chatting away and making small talk. It was actually very enjoyable. We stoped a few times for my friend to catch her breath and do some streches but we got there.

At the end (whilst cooling down) she said I had been an inspiration and that she'd really like it if she could look at me like a coach keeping her going when she finds it hard.

How chuffed do i feel. I've inspired someone else to venture out into the fresh air and excercise.

Next run together planned for Saturday. OK we didn't break any speed records but sometimes there's more to life than K/minute.

Keep running everyone (and get all your friends to join in too )


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Brilliant - how great to be an inspiration. I'm not surprised you're chuffed - that was a great thing to do and sounds like it was its own reward.

I felt very proud when I read that, Allie.


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