Couch to 5K

W6R3 – Done and Dusted – Yes…Yes… Yes despite many things pitted against me today!!!

Today I did it and completed the 25 minutes after my setback on Friday. I had a cunning plan that even Baldrick would have been proud of. I would run part of my route the opposite way round to normal so that I would not be in the same location when I hit the 22 minute mark where I failed on Friday. I knew this would mean I would be running slightly up hill as I hit the 10 to 20 minute stretch but I had allowed for this in my mind. What I didn't account for was everything else today that would try to defeat me, my iPod ear buds popping out of each ear something they had not done before as they fit right inside the ear, my blackberry in my back pocket trying to pull my tracksuit bottoms down, again never happened before and when I turned the corner for the incline stretch the strong winds hitting me straight in the face. My mind was set none of this was going to stop me I laughed in the face of the wind and kept putting one foot in front of the other as Leyther had suggested. The final uphill part, which Laura told me 5 minutes left, took me onto a reasonably flat field so I knew my feet could relax with the soggy grass under them rather than the pavements, one and a half laps of the filed later came those magical words from Laura “OK you can slow done now, well done” both my arms with clenched fists punched the air I had run for 25 minutes. I was not exhausted and OK I was not running at a fast pace, my route traced out on gmap-pedometer was 3.512 Km but my aim is to run the target times to build stamina then the speed and distance can come later. Because of work it is 2 days’ rest now before my next run on Wednesday morning W7R1 here I come.

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Wahooooo!!!! Yeah! Go exwightman, that has made me laugh in parts. I'm really pleased for you. You did it despite a few things not going your way, one foot in front of the other: you did 25 minutes. Now you know you can do it all again on Wed, all the best for it :)


Fantastic exwightman - love your determination - and ingenuity! I really think that it is more than half of the battle - being determined to finish whatever is thrown at you. A great idea to run a slightly different route.

And the number of times lately I've chanted "one foot in front of the other; it's just walking, only faster"...


Brilliant exwightman - really like your cunning plan and at least it didn't slap you back in the face unlike poor Baldric LOL :-).

I remember that run like it was yesterday (graduated last week - no badge yet :-( )... WOW I remember being soooooooooooo amazed and proud. Isn't it wonderful that this programme really does allow us to feel naturally proud of ourselves :-).

Go, go exwightman - your plan for future running sounds solid - ENJOY, Sara :-)


Congratulations on graduating last week psarapsych ....not only do I think the C25K is a wonderful programme but this community forum is a tremendous help as well. Even if you do not contribute to the blogs just reading other peoples success and setbacks gives everyone encouragement to carry on. Thanks for the virtual pat on the back.


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