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Blood and mud

Quite a step up from week 3. I was fine for stamina on the first two sessions because I chose to run in the local park which is pretty flat. However on Wednesday it was so muddy that I slipped and badly grazed the knuckles on my right hand. There was blood and mud everywhere. On the following run I decided to run along the canal towpath to avoid the mud, but I'm afraid this involved climbing for some 9 locks on the way out. Why is it so hard going up hill?

Now to see what week 5 has in store.

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Hi Wide

well done on going up hill. It is very hard work as i found last weekend when i tried hill running. I live in Cambridgeshire so it was little more than a rise!


Yes, well done - This running lark isn't always easy is it? Would you have ever thought when you started this that mud and blood would be involved?! It's a real adventure. I admire your tenacity a lot.


Well done to you, mud, blood and then to run up locks I am very impressed. Living on the Essex coast I have yet to tackle what most people think of as a hill, but some of the slopes round here really slow me down;-) Good luck in week 5


I hate running up hill. But even when I try to think positive about it, I still find it very, very difficult.


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