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And so long, week 7!

Holy crap, week 7 flew by! Running 25 minutes is not a problem anymore. If you notice a few blog posts back, I'd get bored on the treadmill and had problems keeping focused. Just had to change up the music. Amazing how running is such a great time for just you and yourself only. Reflect on thoughts, plan out your week, etc, etc. I use to dread running and never could imagine why or even HOW people run for fun and say 'it feels great' when I wanted to die after 2 minutes of jogging. I 100% totally get it now. Now when I tell my friends on Facebook how I'm addicted to that after-workout feeling and "Can't wait to get to the gym today!", they're like "whaaaaat the hell, you run?? And you ENJOY IT? O:

Also, special thanks to everyone ever commenting on my blogs and/or sharing your own experience on here. This community is amazing and the support and encouragement is unreal. Its amazing how blogging about my own experience and seeing everyone agreeing, knowing they're going through the same things as I am/was and offer advice and encouragement. It helps tremendously. Truly awesome of everyone <3 Thank you so much.

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Well done on completing week 7, running certainly is good me time. Never thought I would enjoy running (and not totally sure I do!) I certainly enjoy the feeling I get when I have finished! Good luck with wk 8


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