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Stamina done, T-shirt christened and oh so close to 5K!

I've been very busy with work this week and only managed to fit in 2 runs using the Speed podcast (Sunday and Weds) which is nice and short for those in a hurry. However, I was beginning to worry about whether I could still do 30 minutes (strange how that could ever be a problem when 2 months ago it was could I do 3 minutes).

Anyway - out I went this morning into the rain (it's only getting worse this weekend so I figured now or never), wearing graduate t-shirt and Aldi jacket as protection from the elements. I put the Stamina podcast on, saying to myself that I'd come home if it got too much but the target was 30 minutes. Well...... I somehow did the whole 35! Yes, as others have said it was quite hard at the end, but for me no worse than week 9 when I set out too fast then struggled at the end. The music may not be what I'd choose but having the pace set for me is exactly what I need to keep going.

The only downer for me was that I didn't quite get to the elusive 5 K - Mapmyrun said I did 4.93 so very close now. I don't know if I'd have gone further in drier conditions (it was quite horrid) but I don't really see how that can happen with fixed bpm paces - either I need longer legs or faster bpm or longer time, none of which are possible right now.

Next week's plan I think will be Stepping Stones, Speed then Stamina again next weekend so I'll see how that goes. Oh yes - for all weight-concious folks out there - I had lost a big 3lb between starting C25K and graduating. Then this week I lost 3lb in a week with only the two shorter runs! Go figure that one! I'm very pleased though because it got me to a weight target at last.

Look forward to reading everyone's weekend blogs - I won't name names but there are some folks out there I'm hoping to hear from!

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Well done soo close to 5K you will get there soon for sure. I'm sure running in the rain must be more dificult than running in the dry so if it had been drier am sure you would have done 5K as well. And well done on the weight loss, apparently it is the short fast speed runs that burn the most fat or so I have been told! Good luck with your future runs look forward to reading that yo have reached the 5K mark :-D


Very well done! Congrats on the weight loss as well. So far I have only tried stepping stones a few times. Its probably time for me to move on. You will be reaching that 5K mark before you know it!! Gayle


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