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OH NO !!

Hi everyone

Well I am not a happy Pinkus....had to miss my run on friday for this week due to my right knee on the inside, it has been giving me a bit of grief, it gets a bit sore and stiff and on wednesday morning I went for my run and was on my feet all day due to a very busy day did not stop until about 8am that evening so when I got up thursday morning my right knee had puffed up a little bit and was very sore when walking on it, so had to give fridays run a miss and rest it.

Went to the Chiro today and she said I was very stiff in my right hip and knee area she worked on it and I think it feels a little better, so went and purchased a foam roller to roll on to try and relax my muscles, feels better after I have done it but stiffens up again so will keep at it.

Hoping to go for a run tommorrow morning and will do the foam roller before I go to try and relax the area. I have been so anxious not being able to get out there....all I want to do is RUN !!!

Well hope everyone is going well enjoying their running :-)

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......'..all I want to do is RUN !!!'......

It's scary, that thought isn't it?!?!

I hope your knee feels better soon and you can get back out there.


I have the same problem with my right leg, just below and to the inside of the knee area. Had it for about 4 weeks now. It's fine when I'm running or walking, but feels sore most of the rest of the time! I tried a foam roller, but it was soooo sore when I used that. Hope that yours resolves v. soon.

Good luck for your next run - at least you won't feel anxious anymore!


It's awful when you want to run but can't, make sure you rest it well and give it a chance to heal, best wishes. :-)


Thanks everyone for your concern.....I just dont know what to do.....Guess I will go and see physio on monday to get it checked out for sure.... :-(


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