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Couch to LOOSING 5KG!

It's hard to believe, but when i was in my late teens I struggled with my weight - and i mean struggled to put any on! I tried for years to get over the 8 stone barrier so that i could give blood, and only really managed it when i discovered pies and beer and my metabolism slowed down as i got over 25!

So it was never really my intension to loose weight on this program - all i wanted was to be able to run for 30 minutes without stopping and feel healthy.

Well the good news is that I'm there on those two goals (as i wait for the UPS man to deliver hubby Xmas present before i attempt W8R2). I really cannot remember when i felt this good.

The shocking thing for me was when i stepped on the scales a couple of days ago I found i had lost almost 5kgs to boot! So if any one out there is thinking of excuses as to why they shouldn't run and weight loss is important - go for it!

Happy running Mo ;-)

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Well done Mo that's briliiant. I'm not sure I've lost any wieght but definately toned up. You've done fantastically :-)


Well i also cut back on the beer/wine intake too - so that may have been easy weight to loose.

It's good to feel better about how you fit in a pair of old jeans isn't it.

Thanks alliec


wow well done to you, a runner and 5KG thinner, you should be so proud. Congratulations and good luck with the rest of wk8 and wk9 :-)


Thanks rolphie2 - wk 9 is done!

Happy Mo x :-)


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