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Week 5 run 3. Well, blow me down

Well blow me almost to a standstill anyway! Like some of you, we've had pretty terrible weather but I managed to get out before the worst of it. Even so, at one point I really didn't think I would make it as the wind took my breath away - almost literally! I was running straight into it and nearly came to a full stop a couple of times but luckily I was able to detour into the side streets which were a bit more sheltered and then turn so that it was more behind me.

And yes I did finish! 20 minutes non-stop. According to mapmyrun it was about 3.5 km.

What I'm noticing now is how surprised I am when Laura says 'half-way'. Previously it seemed to take forever and I was almost begging for her to tell me, but now I'm more comfortable and it comes round much faster!

Really looking forward to Week 6. :-)

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I do so hope I get the halfway feeling that you get know!!! At the moment I just hope and pray that I can get to the end - but surprisingly do.


Well done dottiemay, W5R3 in bad weather too is a really great achievement! Good luck for week 6. :)


Wow! Well done you! As one who didnt even venture out doors till week 8 you have my respect!


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