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W6R1 - got out there before the rain started!

Thankfully I managed to get out and back before the rain set in - my routine of coming in from work, getting changed and going straight out again paid off - no time to dither or look at the clouds. But, (in the style of Chandler Bing), could it *be* any windier? A few times I wasn't even moving forwards. And not once did the wind get behind me and push me along. It was either full in my face or knocking me sideways. I was laughing as I went along, so goodness knows what the people in the stationary traffic were thinking.

And talking of people in vehicles, yet again got beeped by a man in a white van. It happens almost every run. Here are some things for them to consider:

1 - I'm 40, slightly overweight and sweaty.

2 - I'm wearing trackie bottoms and my husband's sweatshirt.

3 - If you're trying to make me jump by beeping as you drive up behind me, think about the fact that 99% of runners have headphones in - you are a distant pathetic peep to me.

4 - No, I don't feel threatened as I could totally have you given half the chance.

5 - Really? REALLY?? It's 2012, not 1972. Men don't behave like this any more in case you hadn't noticed.

On the plus side, I got a smile and wave from a man running in the opposite direction to me. Not a creepy one, a genuine fellow runner one.

Oh, I managed the run too. I don't like the stopping and starting. But I don't like the running for 20 minutes non-stop much either at the moment. I feel like I'm really pushing myself though, and the thought of doing something that I never imagined would be possible is keeping me going.

Run 2 scheduled for Saturday morning!

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On my run today I was coming up behind a couple about the same age as me (late 50's) when the guy ran into the trees and ran back out a few minutes later (jimmy riddle, probably). Anyway as he came back out of the trees my 90 second run started so I slowly (stress the word slowly) crawled pass them with a quick hello. However I met them again on my return leg and he gave me a thumbs up (at least I hope it wasn't a request for a lift!!!) and though it was nice to get I wasn't too sure why. Still, it must have something to do with this running malarky.


As you get older the beep from the white van man stops ;-( embrace the honking it doesn't last...


I was beeped by an A class mercedes yesterday. Either that or they knew the two girls walking slowly to school behind me! ;)

For your #4 up there, you also don't feel threatened as he's sitting in traffic and you're running and even if he gets out of his van he'd have to catch up with you and I bet you can run faster and further than most white van men!

Good luck for run 2 and I hope the weather improves for all of us!


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