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Dithered about going out for my run because of the wind and rain but I knew if I didn't go out today then I would have to wait until Saturday. First part was fine but I found the second 3 minute a struggle (again). However I managed to complete it albeit at a slower pace. I can definitely feel it more in my thigh muscles this week - no pain no gain I suppose!!! But still enjoying it and even jogging along at a snails pace there is that satisfaction that I can run/slow jog now where 3 short weeks ago I would never have believed it. I can now think to myself that running 5k is a real possibility.

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It definately is possible PeaBea; you're doing it! Well done for getting out there in this horrible weather (I'm dreading going out tonight), and also for completing the session. Like you say you can already see progression from what you could do at the beginning. It really does work, great isn't it! :)


It most certainly is. I am so glad that I found out about C25K. Good luck with your run tonight and I hope the weather improves for you.


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