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W1 R2 Done

I came back from run2 yesterday and didn't ache for as long as I did on R1.My recovery time was much quicker.

I am really enjoying it and it is great to blow the cobwebs away and get the heart pumping! I run up the Thames in London from the City to Waterloo Bridge and it looks like a marathon at times, so many runners and all going faster than me but no one cares! Looking forward to tomorrow for run3 and then onto Week2.

Onwards and Upwards.

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Amazing :) keep at it. :)


Well done PacMan, and good luck for the coming new week :)


Well done and keep up the good work.


Well done Pacman, sounds like you're keeping the spirit of C25k well alive along old father Thames there regardless of all those marathon men & women. Keep it up, Sara :-)


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