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Back from holiday but still not had a run

Hi guys and girls, I hope you are all well and staying free from any injuries.

I had a smashing holiday, walked loads but did not run at all so I'm now almost 4 weeks without having been out pounding the pavements. The treadmills in the hotel were always busy and hard to get time on one so gave up in the end. We walked for miles along the lovely beach and I've been swimming most days albeit at a sedate pace. Will try and get out tomorrow for a gentle run but since getting home my asthma has been a bit of a problem, due I suspect to the central heating and change of temperature.

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Hi, welcome back! Sounds like you've had a great holiday! Sorry to hear your asthma's causing problems, it's so damp and chilly outside and warm and dry inside (hopefully!) that I can well imagine it would affect asthma. I'm off running with troublesome shin splints, I've got 11 days to go of my 4 week rest, boo hoo. Can't wait to get back out there!

Anyway, good to hear from you and happy running! X


Hi Oldgirl, lucky you, a hot beach holiday! It was hot, was it? :-)

I think we should start a walking wounded club. My knees are still giving me gyp but it's getting a bit better now. I've added Mattaitch's exercises to my own series and I really feel a difference after just 2 days. I'm cross-trainering at the gym too and I'm not going to go on a treadmill till December. Touch wood hard for us all!

Let us know how the first post-holiday run goes! :-)


Well didn't get out this morning, was out late last night with friends, got up and looked outside and 7.00am it was raining and windy, not good weather for a first run while still wheezing and puffing with asthma, so no surprises, I turned over and went back to sleep for another hour. Its now 10.00am and blowing a gale outside so I guess today is not the day for a recovery run!!! :(


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