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Week 7 you will NOT defeat me!

I've had a couple of days break from running and had W7R2 planned in for tonight. In the event I was reluctant to actually go out just because I was hugely grumpy and tired when I got home from work. But I thought it might make me less grumpy so I went out anyway.

I had a really strong (for me) first half. I felt great, even at the half way point when Laura tells you that you've been running for 12.5 minutes. But then the sea wind started blasting against me and I developed stitch and I was surrounded by some kind of running club that insisted on running faster than me in some kind of relay so I felt repeatedly humiliated! And I stopped at 19 minutes.


This is the second time a week 7 run has got the better of me.

Being philosophical about it...I was 90% of the way to not going out at all tonight, so a 19 minute run is better than none right? Also, I felt very strong and nowhere near as exhausted in the first half of the run tonight so surely I'm getting better?

Overall, I'm a bit disappointed that I couldn't check off run 2, but it's more miles under my belt and guess what? I'm not grumpy any more!

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A 19 minute run is most definitely better than none. And windy conditions are really hard work. So brownie points to you for getting out and giving it a go. :D


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