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OK as threatened I tried Speed today. Looks like it would have been better to try Speed before Stamina as Pearsey has pointed out, but hey ho.

At just 16 minutes it seems like it is over in no time. But it is interval training. Not walking, but a light jog and then a faster run. It can be hard to switch speeds but with intervals of just one minute you are off again before you have time to stress about it.

It was a good workout as Laura says. I'll probably go back to a regular 30 minute run next and then alternate that with Speed and Stamina for a while.

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Once you get into Speed try upping the jog to a faster run and the fast run to an all out sprint, its wonderful for burning calories, getting the heart pumping and building up strength and stamina. Good luck, its my favourite workout.


I was intending to work it into my routine this week, but the weather is so bad that I've been gymbound.


Thanks, good tips Oldgirl. It is quite a handy one if I have limited time at lunchtime or whatever.


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