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Not blogged for so long ): so doing 'catch up'!

I've not been running enough, mostly only once every 5 or 6 days. I had an interesting run in South Wales when baby sitting. I went off to run along public footpaths but I got lost. Luckily I had my phone so phoned my son for directions. Altogether I did over 6 k but it took an hour, and I spent some time staring into the distance and wondering if I could call the coastguard to rescue me. Luckily, I found a lane which looked familiar, and a cyclist came along and confirmed that I was on the way home. Then a few days later, we were in 'dat Lundun' and I decided to run on Putney Heath, near our daughter's flat. Amazing, I often don't see anyone, but this was like Picadilly Circus. The difference is that, in London, no-one gives eye contact so it felt strange. I took a wrong turning and ended up having to run further that I should have but it was ok, my sense of direction is non-existent!

I did my first run on a main road last week, with my daughter. I love having someone to run with. Six days later, today is the first time I've ever actually gone out in the pouring rain. I normally say 'oh,it's too wet too run'. I managed 5.1K but couldn't go my normal way because I didn't have my swimming costume with me! I got rather wet but I feel I really achieved something.

I have to up my game, and do more exercise. I'm going to read the C25K article about running in the cold. I was using a pair of old chenille gloves but I found a decent pair of sports gloves that one daughter left here over a year ago, so I've taken them over. My husband bought me a high vis long sleeved running shirt from Aldi which I love, I can see me coming from miles away! I just wish it wasn't YELLOW!

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Hi Stayinbed, great to read you're still running. Did you enjoy your run in the rain? I love it as long as it's not torrential and I have the right gear on.


Haha - now you're all togged up, you'll have to 'up' your frequency. Especially now that you're no longer a wet-running-virgin! They sound like interesting runs, though. One thing about running (and walking to be fair) is that if you want, it can make you more adventurous - you end up going to places out of curiosity to see what it will be like to run there.


I enjoyed getting wet, and my high vis shirt smelled lovely! My daughter gave me some running gloves and they're fluorescent pink. People will need their sunglasses when I'm out!


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