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Week 8, Run 2 - Get In!

Morning Runners - well I am now on the downward run towards the end of week 8. Run 2 went well just now. I have new-found respect for those runners you see on the telly grabbing a drink from the table as they run by! I am just about mastering grabbing my sports bottle for a cheeky sip every now and again. Don't mind saying I have had a few mishaps and ended up with water down me, over my face (refreshing) or all over my treadmill on many occasions! :)

Looking forward to Saturday and then it will be my final week! Woo Hoo.

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Well done only 4 runs to go, excellent, drinking and running is tricky don't know how marathon runners manage at all (though still not sure why anyone would run a marathon). Good Luck with your run on Saturday :-D


I haven't even attempted the run/drink thing - I find it enough to run without tripping myself up! I fantasise (in a bad way) about catching my tired feet on a kerb and going for 'a Burton', as they say, usually in front of a crowd! Touch wood, it hasn't happened yet. Best wishes for week 9. :)


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