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W6R2 done again next run I am back on track....new shoes are doing their job!!

I just ran W6R2 this morning and I have to agree with other posts that it seems much harder than the 20 minute run in W5R3 I think it must be the walking in-between that throws you out of the rhythm but I stuck to the task and trust in Laura and the plan as so many have done before us. It was also my first run in the rain, not heavy just light rain but running in waterproof jacket did make things a lot hotter plus problem with steamed up glasses.

This is the second time I have done this W6R2 after my knee problem about 6 weeks ago and I restarted the program at W5. No aches or pains so hopefully the new shoes are working as expected and keeping my legs straight.

So my next run on Friday W6R3, weather permitting I will at last advance on the plan towards the graduation goal. Reading everyone else’s blogs is a great encouragement to me and definitely keeps up the motivation to complete the plan and become a regular 30 minute runner.

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Hi ex

Well done for doing W6. Proper shoes do make a difference too. I am trying to get W3R3 done but struggling due to work. I noticed on your map where you live, i used to live in Winnersh. Good luck with your knees. Ed


Thanks Ed. Agree jugging work and running is a problem but keep at it and you will get through the plan. I live on the Wokingham/Winnersh boundary so I run around Winnersh Farm down towards Dinton Pastures on some days and around Woosehill on other days trying to run on as much grass as I can rather than paths and pavements.


Ah i remember Dinton Pastures, we used to walk our dog there. Its definately best to run on mixed terrain. I run on roads most of the time but then i try a Parkrun and its all slippery!


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