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Yippeee, down but not out :-D

Had a rough few weeks between work and the dreaded lurg, and really been struggling running in the cold. I managed a full 30 minutes last week but felt awful afterwards and i have to admit i was starting to think i may have to hang up the trainers or atleast go back a few weeks.

BUT...... I thought id give the full 30 minutes another go tonight in the hope that maybe now the cold has pretty much gone i would feel a bit better and it was brilliant. No further or faster than before but it felt so much easier. There were even a couple of occasions where i forgot to think about my breathing!!! I'm so pleased hopefully i can now get back on track and start to try and get my time down to manage the 5k in 30 minutes.

Who would have thought it i think im hooked!

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Well done you :0) I went through exactly the same thing a couple of weeks ago but like you I also feel back on track now. Such a relief! I think we just need to learn to take it easier on ourselves & accept that we won't always be at the top of our game - never forget though how far you've come


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