Nearing the end with mixed emotions!

Sorry peeps, I haven't blogged recently, however, feel I am back on track and nearing the end with mixed emotions! I have thoroughly enjoyed this programme, however, slowed down and didn't complete wk's 6 - 7 in my chosen weeks because of family/personal circumstances. Last week I completed wk 8 and did all three 28 minute runs as planned ;) I went out today in terrible weather and really didn't think I'd be able to complete the run but to my surprise I ran for a full 30minutes. So Wk 9 Run 1 is in the bag!!! Just two more to go before I am a so called 'graduate'. I will be very sad as I have enjoyed it sooooo much and feel 100% better. However, I do plan on downloading some great music and aim to run for at least 3 times a week for 30mins (possibly more) if all goes well. To those of your newcomers just starting out or midway through, have lots of belief in yourself, you can do this and will wonderful for it, I do! Do I get a badge for graduating soon and how?


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4 Replies

  • Well done canIREALLYdothis-of course you can! Two more runs-that's all it will take and you will be a Graduate with a shiny badge next to your name.

    Next step is for you to download and get ready Stepping Stones, Speed and Stamina. Start with Stepping Stones, With this you have to listen to Laura and she will teach you your running skills. Once you feel confident with that Speed-this is interval running. Stamina comes next and is grueling. Running for 40 minutes increasing speed every 10 minutes, no stopping. Start with Stepping Stones and gradually introduce the others. Drop stepping stones and add on free run as your 3rd run, and you can do your own thing with that. The plan gives you structure to your running, otherwise you will soon get bored and fall off.

    Enjoy the rest of week 9 and keep us posted in your Graduation run.

    Keep on Running! :-)

    Colette x

  • Hi Colette

    Thank you for a your lovely comment, makes me feel I should really get out there and do this, I failed again last week only managing to fit in one 30minute run, however, back out today and completed another 30mins, I aim to complete week 9 this week for sure, however, I do have a cold coming :( Stepping stones sounds great, I think I will definately need something like that to keep me motivated and have goals to aim for. I will keep you posted on my other two runs and hope this cold doesn't hang around for long!

    Kind regards



  • Helen, don't run if you are feeling ill. Hope you haven't got the cough/cold that is doing the rounds worldwide? If you do have it, then wait until you are better before attempting to run again.

    Yes-stepping stones is motivating, and you should enjoy it.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Colette x

  • Wk 9 run 2 under my belt and it was the thought of the shiney new badge (and a hot shower) that keep me motivated, I will blog again when I have completed the last run Colette.



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