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Week 4 over and out. A disjointed Week 5 starts tomorrow

Well, I finished week 4 yesterday. I was tired before I started so I 'cheated' by doing a few turn arounds to find the flatest areas and even managed to find a downhill section for some of the final 5 minutes. At the end I thought I really needed to repeat another week 4 run before moving onto week 5.

However by last night I decided I had completed the first 2 runs taking whatever hills lay in my path, I had completed the easier route and as I was eager to see how I get on in week 5 I'm going for it tomorrow.

I'm being active for the next two weekends and last weekend I found it too much doing the run on the Friday so I will run tomorrow, then only Monday and Wednesday next week to give my body a chance to cope with everything. It will be interesting to see how the runs go with those breaks.

Good luck to everyone else out there battling through this. Not only CAN we do it, we ARE doing it.


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hee hee! GoldenOldy - I too try and time my bigger runs for when I can run downhill! im soo glad Im not alone on that.

best of luck with your first week 5 run tomorrow. im sure you'll be fine. Just dont think about timings or anything. go for it!!

it sure is a battle! but a battle we're going to win.

:-) ali


It is very flat round where I live but I always make sure that i run down the small incline ( I like to call a hill) and up the more gentle slope!! One day I will have to tackle a hill. Good Luck with wk5 I hope you manage you keep avoiding those hills!!


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