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Wk 6 R2 ................done !!

I did the 2nd run in week 6 tonight , and I have to say...........wasn't too bad at all :-)

Not sure if it felt easier because it was on the treadmill at the gym , or whether the time would've passed quicker if I was outside . Either way, nowhere near as bad as I'd anticipated. I have to be honest ans say that I feel that the big 'test' for me will be run 3

eeeeeeek I'm a bit scared already, but hoping to do it on Wednesday :-)

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Hi kazzers, was looking out for your post. Brilliant news!! Well done and good luck for run 3, you'll do great! :)


Thanks so much Leyther1 :-) Let us know how your run is today ?


Brilliant! Just like week 5, you are ready for W6R3!!! :-) Please blog and let us know how it goes! Gayle


I hope that you're right gdeann.......... I'm trying to take it as it comes , but ......still eeeeeeeeeeekk !! I'll let you know :-)


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